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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Purposes for our Pain

What a weekend! Hubby and I traveled to Vancouver Island last Thursday to move our youngest back home. We arrived back here late on Saturday evening and unpacked until we dropped from fatigue. On Sunday, we woke up and did it all over again, only this time we moved our son and his family to… [ read more ]

Kissing Self-Reliance Goodbye

Life’s richest lessons are often learned in the hard places. As a correspondent for Power for Living, I’ve interviewed dozens of people whose testimonies prove this is true. For instance…Tammy Trent, a Woman of Faith speaker whose husband drowned, told me how God had proved His presence and sufficiency to her in the hours and… [ read more ]

A Prayer for People in Pain

Yesterday was unusual in that bad news arrived three times. One of my friends, a woman I’ve known for 25 years and who ministered with us in Poland this summer, was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with leukemia on Monday evening. Then there’s my daughter’s friend whose 2-year-old was diagnosed with the same disease… [ read more ]

Living Stress-Free — Part 2

I promised to share some personal thoughts about living stress-free but trying to do so this morning is stressing me out! Just kidding. On Friday I referred to Psalm 37:1-11 and italicized several commands we’re to obey if we’re to rise above stress. One of them is “Commit everything you do the LORD. Trust him,… [ read more ]

How to Live Stress-Free

Have you ever noticed how many books and magazine articles are written with a “how-to” slant? Here are a few examples: How to Lose 15 Pounds in a Week, How to Turn Your Junk Collection into Stunning Centerpieces, and How to Have a New Kid by Friday. Many of these articles and books contain advice… [ read more ]

Insights About Fear and Praise

Yesterday I rode a Gold Wing motorbike for about six hours between Pasco and Snohomish, Washington. I usually cherish riding time because it gives me uninterrupted opportunity to ponder, pray, and praise. But yesterday’s experience was different. I pondered alright, but my thoughts sent me careening down a road shadowed with worry about a situation… [ read more ]

A Focused Life

Good morning! What’s on your to-do list today? I’ll be making raspberry jam with my daughter, but first I want to connect with you and share a personal thought from my spiritual journey. If you’re a busy woman, I’ll bet you can relate. About a year ago I began feeling the need to focus my… [ read more ]

"God, Help!"

My prayer was short and desperate, and I uttered it several times during the night. A vicious stomach flu had invaded our camp and attacked one person after another. Finally it struck Gene. Three hours later it hit me. The virus kept us awake nearly all night and flattened us with hourly bouts of vomiting… [ read more ]

The Hike

On the sixth day of camp, everyone left the hotel for a day trip to one of three optional destinations. Ours involved hiking to a castle perched on a mountain. We’d done the same hike last year and told everyone, “It’s an easy walk – mostly flat until the last part immediately before entering the… [ read more ]

Family Camp Schedule

Our Polish family camp was held in the city of Karpacz. It reminds me of Banff, Alberta – an alpine tourist destination with fun things to see and do. It offers a perfect getaway for folks seeking a family vacation, and it provides a wonderful place to host our camp. The word camp often conveys… [ read more ]