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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Keeping the Sabbath

Sundays were respected as a day of rest when I was a kid. The Sabbath was different than other days—no one in our family worked, other than those who prepared meals and helped with kitchen cleanup. My folks usually retired for an afternoon nap after lunch, and me? Well, I wrote letters or read and… [ read more ]

Feeling Lost, Lonely, or Unloved?

What does your day look like? I’ll babysit my grandkiddies this morning and then spend the afternoon polishing several presentations for the Inscribe writers conference to be held in Edmonton this weekend. But before my morning fully launches, I want to share a promise from God’s Word. If you’re feeling lost, lonely, or unloved, then… [ read more ]


I wish you could have heard the women sing at this weekend’s retreat: “I am free to run, I am free to dance, I am free to live for you, I am free!” Their voices, filled with enthusiasm, nearly lifted the roof. And their actions tickled me from the inside out. Someone in the front… [ read more ]

Want a Hug From Heaven?

Isaiah is one of my favorite books of the Bible. It deserves to be read slowly, each word savored and relished. The following passage warrants that kind of attention. As you read these words, ask the Holy Spirit to help you fully understand their meaning. I pray they’ll envelop you like a hug from heaven…. [ read more ]

Has Infidelity Struck Your Marriage?

If the stats are correct, then one in three men has had an extra-marital affair. One in four women have fallen into this trap, too. If infidelity has struck your marriage, then you might find this article series helpful as you seek to rebuild your relationship. On Monday I wrote that I’ll be changing my… [ read more ]

Depending on God's Strength in the Unknowns

In past blogs, I’ve mentioned how I’ve sensed God nudging me to get involved in the corporate world for a couple of years. I’ve taken training, tiptoed into blogging for that audience, and developed a website and Facebook page (I’ll be putting more work into those in the coming weeks and months). I’ve joined a… [ read more ]

When the Wasp Stung

My oh my, what a week it’s been! On Wednesday a wasp stung my husband near his right eye while he was trying to clear out the insect’s nest (some of you may have read about it on FB). He’s been stung before. No big deal. He continued the yardwork, cleaned up his tools, and… [ read more ]

How to Respond Well to Life's Challenges

Have you ever had to will yourself to do something? I have. A month ago, I sunburned my knees badly. When I applied aloe vera gel, I suffered an allergic reaction (the label said it was pure and alcohol-free, but the label lied). The pain was so intense that I had to will myself to… [ read more ]

God is on Our Side

This morning started early with a radio interview at 5:15 (the station was in Ohio, on ET). A second interview followed at 8:30. Both hosts wanted to discuss fear. How timely, considering that yesterday was the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and media had splashed the word fear across radio and TV for the past few… [ read more ]

My Good Blog Intentions Failed Today!

All my good intentions flew out the window an hour ago. I’d already planned to help my daughter-in-law and one of her friends can peaches and dill pickles until noon. Picture this: six kids under age four to watch as we work! After lunch, I was to take my mom (visiting from Alberta) and youngest… [ read more ]