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Couple Minutes: Questions to Keep Your Relationship Fresh and Fun

Do you want to keep your relationship fresh and fun? Strengthen your soul connection? Kickstart communication? Couple Minutes will help you achieve your desire.

Couple Minutes contains 90 questions for couples. Take them with you on a trip or on a date, and enjoy the conversation they’ll inspire. You’ll share dreams and goals, embarrassing moments, and meaningful memories. You’ll gain insights into each other’s thoughts. You’ll share a few laughs. And you’ll build a stronger relationship.

Sample Cards



My husband prepared a special dinner to celebrate my birthday last night. After dinner I brought out the cards and we enjoyed some great ‘we time’ with them. What a great tool they are for stimulating conversation on a deeper level than we normally make time for in our daily lives. It was almost like a mini ‘Marriage-Encounter’ experience.

Meredith Miller, Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce

I’ve been with my man for 20 years. I thought I knew him inside out, but his answers took me by surprise!