Conntecting the Dots

Monday, September 17

Rolled into Kosice at 4:50 a.m. Karla, one of our Canadian IM missionaries, met us and took us home. Bless her heart, she told us to go to bed and wake up whenever we felt like it. We took her advice and finally got up at noon. Felt good to lie still after the 16-hours of rockin’ and rollin’ on the train.

Later in the afternoon she drove us to her family’s church. What a difference from the little Protestant churches we saw in Poland. This church is new and holds more than 500 people. It has 57 cell groups, a youth group of more than 200 kids, and it’s growing exponentially.

When we drove around the city, we saw several clusters of the familiar grey concrete apartment buildings. These clusters house between 25,000-30,000 people. If you happen to live in the middle of a cluster, you don’t see sky…only more apartments. Karla lived in one such setting many years ago, and she said she had to get outside and walk everyday so she could see the sun and keep from getting depressed. Those of us who don’t live in such a setting would never think of that.

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