Conntecting the Dots

Thursday, March 13… Continued

The evening’s meeting was held in an upscale restaurant, hosted by the International Christian Fellowship church in Warsaw. Evening meetings are not the norm here, so Barbara (the pastor’s wife) wasn’t sure how well it would be attended. She was delighted when 37 women showed up. These gals were mostly Westerners – the wives of American businessmen and embassy employees.

At Barbara’s request, I spoke on the theme “If Teacups Could Talk.” Using an acrostic from the letters for the word friend, I talked about the different aspects of women’s friendships and then shared how Jesus is my best friend. If the attendees had as much fun as I did, then the evening was a success.

This speaking engagement provided me with an “aha” moment. My past experience in Nepal gives me credibility not only with missionary women but also with these Westerners living overseas. I understand homesickness, loneliness, language barriers, and culture shock. I understand what’s involved in moving overseas. I pray that my words encouraged them tonight. And I pray for more opportunities to connect with them and others in the same position.

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