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Monday, March 17

This was our last travel day for this speaking tour. I’m amazed at the stamina I’ve had, especially considering the emotional load I’ve had to process at the same time. All I can say is, “God is good.” I’m so thankful for Diane’s companionship over the past 12 days, and for the many people back home who have been praying for me. Therein lies the reason for this trip’s success.

This morning Diane and I took a four-hour train ride to Cracow where our IM friend Iwona met us at the station for our one-hour layover. Bless her heart! “I’m caring for the strangers in my land,” she said with a smile. Then she directed us to a snack shop equipped with small tables and chairs and proceeded to unpack a roast chicken lunch for us. She has been such a source of joy to us on this trip. I look forward to deepening my friendship with her over time, despite the distance.

The most incredible thing happened when we boarded the train to continue our journey to Kosice, Slovakia. Out of nowhere appeared the same little man who’d helped us with our luggage in the Cracow station nine days prior! I didn’t even see him coming. Suddenly, there he was, picking up my suitcases and carrying them onto the train for me. He hoisted them onto the luggage rack overhead, just as he did before. (I’m sure they were nearly half his weight). Diane paid him, and he gently took her hand and kissed the back of it. Then he turned to me. Without even a glance at my face, he gently took my right hand and planted a feather-light kiss on the back of it. And then he was gone.

Amidst numerous platforms and levels in the train station, his finding us a second time was nothing short of miraculous. Diane and I like to think he was an angel sent to help us with our heavy bags, a kindness sent to remind us that our heavenly Father was watching over us.

Gene flew into Kosice this afternoon. After two weeks apart, it was great to see him again. He brought the video of my dad’s funeral, he said. Tomorrow I’ll watch it and enter a new leg of this emotional journey – one I’ve not traveled before.

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  1. doctordoodle

    Dear Grace
    Bless you for your journey and trusting that God will be there to show you the way. I saw you on “It’s A New Day” tonight and just read through most of your website and now your blog on your amazing journey. I will go in search of your book tomorrow. You are a gift to me tonight.
    I know how hard it is to be away from family when your heart wants and needs to be with them but you are lead elsewhere. I am in Vancouver and my family is back east and my heart cries to be with them.
    Your Dad is truly dancing with the angels looking down at his faithful daughter and saying “well done my child”.
    Blessings and thank you for your encouraging words.
    Patrica Butchart


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