Conntecting the Dots

March 25-27

Early Tuesday morning we drove 40 minutes to Arad and boarded the train for a Hungarian destination. This would be a break – a welcome reprieve for us after a very busy month. Time to stop. Time to rest and be refreshed. Time to simply “be.”

We stayed at a hotel in the mountains. A quiet village lay below. Its cobblestone streets beckoned us to stroll and we accepted the invitation. The crisp air, spring songbirds, and gurgling stream tickled our senses. We drank cappuccino and Cokes in a tiny restaurant decorated with red-and-white checkered tablecloths. We ate dinner in another local restaurant and shook our heads when we realized that, as foreigners, we’d been ripped off when we paid the bill. Live and learn.

We stayed less than 48 hours, but we left feeling recharged and ready for the next month of ministry commitments. A cab delivered us to the train station, and off we went to Kosice.

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