Conntecting the Dots

Monday, March 24

Gene and I spent more time with Tresha and Andy today (The Joshua Project). They’re a tremendous couple loaded with passion about the work God has called them to do. It will be a privilege to raise awareness of their work when I return to Canada. Later in the day we met with Laura V., another IM coworker. She’s a Romanian gal whose passion is connecting with people through teaching English as a second language. The evening was spent with Doug and Roberta – the couple who founded River of Life. Wow – God has an amazing array of servants. Each one is so special and uniquely prepared for the work He’s given them.

Shortly after returning to River of Life, I was able to spend time with a couple of the women there. Donna had said very little to me during the previous days, but now she was the only woman in the room and took advantage of it. She motioned for me to sit on the couch beside her, and then, in very broken English, asked why I had to leave. Our conversation was interrupted repeatedly by children wanting one thing or another so it didn’t result in anything deep, but it was a good time of building a relationship with her. It reminded me of the importance of “being” rather than always “doing.”

Lavinia joined us a few minutes into the conversation. She, too, asked why I had to leave. I tried to explain that I have work to do in Canada, and both women accepted that with a slight nod. Before our time together ended, I told the women that I’d be praying for them. Lavinia’s eyes filled with tears and she said, “Pray I change.” She pointed towards her two-year-old daughter who was playing on the floor nearby. I knew what she meant. As a woman who grew up in the infamous orphanage setting, she didn’t receive proper nurturing. Now she’s finding it a huge challenge to parent her daughter in a healthy way. Tears rolled down her cheeks as I explained that God will help her change as she relies on Him for strength.

“Father, embrace these women and impress upon their hearts that You love them deeply. Change them from the inside out. Transform them into women who reflect the character of Jesus Christ and the fruit of the Spirit. In Your name, Amen.”

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