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What Matters Most?

The beginning of a new year is a good time to ponder what really matters. Life gets so busy that it’s easy to be distracted and miss the mark. That’s not the way I want to live, and you probably feel the same way.

This morning I read about Enoch — the guy lived to be 365 years old. Genesis 5 gives him more attention than the other fellows listed before him, but still, it says only two things: he had a son named Methuselah when he was 65 years old, and he had a vibrant relationship with God.

It’s interesting that the last fact is mentioned not just once, but twice. Enoch had close fellowship with God (v.22) and he enjoyed a close relationship with God all his life (v. 24). Oh yeah, there’s one more thing: he suddenly disappeared because God took him.

The Bible could have listed Enoch’s accomplishments and adventures, but it doesn’t. It simply stresses the fact that he enjoyed a close walk with God.

As I look into the upcoming months, I must admit that I feel a little anxious at times. The life of a writer/speaker isn’t as glamorous as it may appear on the surface — there’s lots of behind-the-scenes hard work and sweat. And judging by what’s on my plate, I’ll be sweating more than a little. But the bottom line is this — the quality of my walk with God.

That relationship must come first. That means carving out time for Him when I’m fresh and alert, not giving Him the leftovers when I’m too tired to recognize His voice. It means saying no to some activities so I’m available for what He wants me to do. It means being willing to do whatever He asks even if it seems illogical or too time-consuming at the moment. If that relationship is in order, the rest of my life will be in order, too.

I’m not going to live to be 365 years old like Enoch. I’ll have 80 or 90 years on earth, maybe. What will people say about me when I’m gone? Will they say, “She had close fellowship with God?” I hope so.

Tomorrow I’ll blog about how I maintain fellowship with God in the midst of a very busy ministry. I’d love to hear your thoughts — struggles and secrets — on this topic.

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  1. Max & Oce

    Dear Grace,
    My ministry life is no where as busy as yours, at least on the go so to speak, but one thing I have learned is to know God’s Peace before saying yes to anything. Otherwise I’m on my own and while things may be accomplished, not like it would have been with Him and I come out wasted and have missed that closeness to him.


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