Conntecting the Dots

A Love Life Like No Other — part 2

Back to the question of how to keep relationship with the Lord as top priority in the midst of a busy life…

Yesterday I mentioned being sensitive to the Lord’s voice. In my case, I’ve been learning to listen to the message He’s giving me through the praise songs that are in my mind when I wake up. Without fail, the lyrics focus my thoughts on Him and one or more of His attributes.

This morning as I prayed, several songs entered my mind, one after the other. Each one focused on the name of Jesus: “Jesus is the sweetest name I know…,” “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus….there’s just something about that name…,” and “Jesus, name above all names, beautiful Savior, glorious Lord….” It was amazing, really, how one song ended and the next began without me consciously directing my thoughts.

It was such a sweet experience, and it reminded me that relationship with Jesus supersedes all else in importance. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus — there’s no other like Him. When that realtionship is in order, all else falls into place.

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