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Abe Believed God

Abraham believed God’s promise (Gen. 15:6). Do I demonstrate the same level of trust?

Take finances, for instance. How often have I heard God’s promise to provide our needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus? And yet, how often have I felt afraid in money matters? The fear comes from my lack of understanding God’s ability to provide, not from His inability to do so. Heaven knows He’s more than able.

What about His ability to give me wisdom when I’m faced with decisions about the direction I’m to go? He’s promised to direct my steps if I trust in Him (Prov. 3:5,6).

For every issue I face, there’s a God-given promise. It’s up to me whether or not I choose to believe that promise is true.

Abraham chose to believe, and God was pleased. I want to follow his example. I know it’s not always easy, but it’s always the best thing to do because God cannot lie. He’s faithful. He will fulfill.

How about you? What God-given promise are you choosing to believe even though, humanly, the odds are stacked against you?

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  1. Jean Bergen

    Hi Grace!
    Just wanted to say I love the blog and have been reading it everyday.

    I don’t know if I have an answer to your question but I thought I would share a thought on Abraham.

    I chose to do a paper on Abraham for my OT class a few semesters back. I discovered at the end of the research and paper writing I had been most impacted by the thought that Abraham lived his life for God based on a promise which he ultimately never saw fulfilled in his lifetime. I found that quite remarkable.

    I wondered if I would have had the faith to continue trusting and acting on the promise, day after day.

    Isn’t it great we can read about men like Abraham and know how the story ends!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us Grace!


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