Conntecting the Dots


I’m back after a day away from my office. Spoke at a MOPS group yesterday morning — had a great time talking with these younger women about how to face the new year with confidence. On a side note, I felt like I was in Grandma Heaven, with all those nursing babies and toddlers in the room. Then I dashed off to a hair appointment — took a risk and had a few reddish highlights applied. Hmmm. Do I like the look, or don’t I?? I returned home, hunkered down in my office to respond to business emails, and then spent the evening with a family of five that’s considering volunteering with International Messengers this summer. It was a profitable day.

BTW, I’ve submitted two book proposals in the past month. I’ve spent up to 16 hours a day trying to get these done — sitting in my lazyboy chair rather than at my desk! I discovered that my neck and upper back can withstand a lot more writing time in the chair with my feet up and my computer on my lap rather than sitting at my desk with feet down and elbows up.

The acquisitions committee will meet next Tuesday at Harvest House to select the projects they want to recommend to the publishing committee. That committee will meet on Thursday. If the Lord prompts you, would you please pray that God will direct their thoughts to align with His? I only want to write these books if that’s what He wants me to do. Thanks!

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