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Shepherd's Staff — 2

I just read the comment about yesterday’s blog. For anyone not sure about what their “shepherd’s staff” might be, I’d say, “Ask the Lord to show you.” He wants your active participation in building His kingdom, so He would be delighted to show you how to partner with Him.

For mothers of little ones, their staff might be a child’s toy. Their ministry is to their children, to pray for them and raise them as best they can to follow Jesus. Spending time with them, developing relationships with them…that’s the task at hand.

For mothers with teenagers, the staff might be a steering wheel. Moms spend a lot of time driving their kids to and from extracurriculars, and some of the best conversations take place in the car. Again, building relationships with the kids is the most important task at hand during that season of life.

This is a great talking point. Send more comments and let’s see where it goes!

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  1. Gebert Family Blog

    If I ask – I might find out!

    Silly as that might seem, those doubts creep in and I think .. what if I can’t do it? What if I don’t have the time I am already so busy with LIFE ( not a complaint just the reality of a busy wife and mother )

    After reading your 1st post; I went with asking God to help me be ready and willing to SEEK and find out so that I can have an obedient heart!


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