Conntecting the Dots

Day #2 — or is it Day #3?

Laura Stein's discipleship group

Laura Stein's discipleship group

Slovakian women discussing how to overcome the fear of inadequacy.

Slovakian women discussing how to overcome the fear of inadequacy.

Journal entry for Thursday, February 5, 2009

It looks like I skipped a day, but in reality I didn’t. We lost a day traveling east, so it was actually Wednesday when we arrived in Kosice.

I woke this morning feeling like I’d been hit by a truck. My nose was stuffed, my head was conjested. The last thing I need is a cold. Considering all the germs that probably circulate in an airplane, it’s a wonder that I’ve never caught a cold before while flying.

We spent this day with Bevan and Laura Stein, a couple who have worked with orphans in Kosice for about a decade. Laura is trained in therapeutic horseback riding programs, so we traveled to the city’s outskirts to see the horses and the outdoor arena they’re using for this purpose. Later we visited their home for lunch and then Darlis Anderson and I went with Laura to meet the delightful women she’s been mentoring.

Interestingly, Laura’s been using my book Moving From Fear to Freedom for some discussion starters. She’d emailed a couple of weeks ago and asked if I’d speak to the group about overcoming fear, so that’s what I did. When I finished speaking, three women shared stories of their own fears – all had been left by their husbands in the recent past and had struggled with the fear of facing an unknown future. What a sweet time of fellowship we enjoyed.

When we closed the meeting, they jokingly said, “We wish you could come back and speak again after we have a chance to read more chapters from your book.” I told them that I’d be returning to Kosice in March, and they immediately asked me to reserve an evening for them. What a joy! I look forward to returning and meeting with them in a month after they’ve had a chance to read a couple more chapters from my book.

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