Conntecting the Dots

If This is Monday, It Must be Hungary

Journal Entry for Monday, February 9, 2009

 Another travel day. Peter drove us to a bus station about an hour away and we were off again, this time headed to Kaposvar, Hungary.  Thankfully the blizzard stopped and the roads were clear once we got into lower land. An IM staff lady named Barb Gorman works in Kaposvar – what an amazing gal. She’s an American widow in her 60s who stepped far beyond her comfort zone to work here despite the challenges of having to learn the language, learn to navigate the transportation system, etc. She has no ex-patriot Kingdom-building coworkers.

 Gene and I stayed overnight with a Hungarian couple and their five daughters. The mother is the main event coordinator for the women’s conference where I’ll be speaking in March, so we had time to work out various details. That was an interesting feat via her husband and two daughters translating for us.

 I really enjoy experiencing the local culture. It’s fascinating to see how they do things. It’s not strange; it’s just different, right? In this case, we ate the prior evening’s dessert for breakfast. Who says pudding can’t be a breakfast food?

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