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Journal Entry for Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lovin' on the senior women from this Romanian village

Lovin' on the senior women from this Romanian village

Door hangers par excellence!

Door hangers par excellence!

What a fun morning! When we showed up at the dining room for breakfast, the women who we met last year greeted us with warm smiles and hugs. Even the older children seemed to remember us.


Following a staff Bible study, about 17 senior widows from the village came for the equivalent of a “Girls’ Morning Out.” I’d brought a simple craft for them to make. At first, they wanted me to glue the shapes and rhinestones onto the door knob hangers, but I was able to convince them to place the shapes where they wanted them, and then I did the gluing for them. Once they got started, they really enjoyed themselves. Here’s a great photo! The lady in the middle is 97 years old!


When the craft was finished, I shared my testimony with them, reminding them that God is with them and will help them when they feel afraid. A hot lunch for them followed, and then it was time to take them home. Our IMers did that, pushing wheelchairs for those unable to walk the distance to their houses.


Caring for the village seniors is a very important ministry. Some of these folks live in houses with dirt floors and no hot water. Some suffer physical abuse at the hands of their grown children. All need to feel loved and valued, and this weekly outing is where it happens.


The care home has a new resident. She’s 27 years old and began living on the streets 21 years ago after being sexually abused by her father. In December she gave birth to a wee girl, but she has no idea how to care for her. She’s sniffed glue for so long that her mind isn’t working properly anymore, so she needs significant help in learning to care for her baby. I thank the Lord for the River of Life ministry and the staff who run it. What an amazing place! (Note: about a week after our visit, this young gal left her baby at River of Life and returned to the streets. Pray for wisdom for our staff, and for this woman to return.)

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