Conntecting the Dots

Journal Entry for Sunday, February 15

 We were given explicit directions for church this morning: Wear a dress or skirt. No heavy makeup, and no jewelry.

 Inside the church, men sat on the left side. Women and kids on the right. There were three sermons. The service lasted 2 ¼ hours. The building was so cold that we could see our breath…and no one complained. No one looked at their watch, annoyed that the pastor went overtime and caused the roast to burn in the oven back home. The people listened to God’s Word being preached, they sang hymns of praise, and enjoyed several special numbers – a group of young girls sang a couple of songs, and about a dozen teenagers played a medley on their mandolins. It was fabulous!


The church in Heather and Pawel's village

The church in Heather and Pawel's village

Mandolin orchestra

Mandolin orchestra

I love worshiping with the family of God in tucked-away corners of the world. This is like a touch of heaven – different cultures, different languages, different songs and music – all worshiping God with one voice. I wish I could take all my friends and family with me on trips like this so they could share the experience. Words simply cannot explain what happens in my heart in these situations.

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  1. Charmaine Loewen

    I get it!

    As I was standing during the praise and worship in Ethiopia for almost an hour, listening to our brothers and sisters singing their hearts out to God in a language foreign to my ears, I had a similar heart-felt experience. God suddenly brought to my mind the song by the Newsboys, “He Reigns”, which starts out “It’s the song of the redeemed,Rising from the African plain” and my eyes instantly filled with tears of gratitude to God for allowing me to share this holy moment so far away from home.

    I’m enjoying your diary immensely. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us, Grace.


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