Conntecting the Dots

Valentine’s Day in Romania

typical village scene

typical village scene

Teaching "Dum-Dum Ditty" to the youth group and sponsors

Teaching “Dum-Dum Ditty” to the youth group and sponsors

Journal Entry for Saturday, February 14, 2009

Spending the morning with newlywed IMer Jenn Soare and her Romanian husband was a real treat. They live on the top floor of a typical Eastern European apartment – we arrived at their door after climbing a spiral staircase. Round and round and round we went until we reached the top. Jenn volunteers at a crisis pregnancy center – she simply focuses on loving the women and their babies and helping in other practical ways such as preparing meals for them. Another extremely important ministry. Without this resource, many women would likely abort their unplanned/unwanted children. Apparently the average Romanian woman has had 14 abortions. My mind can’t even fathom that!

Back into a car for another road trip this afternoon. We headed for a village where IMers Heather and Pawel live and work. The moment we arrived, it was obvious that their kids were excited to have guests. They’re a very cute and very lively bunch. Picture this: Grace in her bedroom, trying to prepare for the evening’s talk. Suddenly a little voice in the hallway says, “Do you see my fingers???” And yes, there were 10 little fingers wiggling under the door.

Darlis, Heather, and I took a walk with a couple of the kids. We headed down the narrow road that runs in front of their home – paved only one year ago. Oh my goodness…the cars love not having to dodge potholes. They roared through the village traveling at least 50 mph. Geese crossed the road, horse-drawn hay wagons rumbled along, Heather’s son rode his tricycle – all sharing the road with the speedsters. My heart nearly stopped a couple of times at the thought of what might happen if a child were to run into the street at the wrong time.

In the evening we ministered to the youth from their church. I spoke about overcoming fear, reminding them of David’s response to Goliath when all the grown-ups were afraid. Later we taught them the camp song “Dum Dum Ditty.” They loved it, laughing hard all the way through. What a joy to connect with this group of teens and see what Heather and Pawel are doing in this village that is actually Pawel’s home turf. Boy, could those teens sing! Not shy at all about raising their voices in praise songs.

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