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Staggered by God’s Power

When was the last time you were staggered by God’s power?

In Psalm 59, David recalls a time when Saul sent soldiers to his house to kill him. He asked God not to kill his enemies on his behalf, but to stagger them with His power and bring them to their knees. What a prayer! As I thought about this verse, I decided it would make a good prayer not just for my enemies, but for other believers. Here are a few examples:

* For those engaging in sinful behavior — “God, stagger them with Your power. Show them that You’re in control. Help them understand that they will give account to You someday, and that You hold their destiny in Your hand. Bring them to their knees in repentance as they grasp who You are.”

* For those overwhelmed by fearful circumstances — “God, stagger them with Your power. Remind them that You hold the universe in Your hands and call the stars by name. Nothing is too difficult for You. Bring them to their knees in acknowledgement that You are the Almighty, and You are their shield and fortress.”

* For those afraid of embracing God’s assignment for them — “God, stagger them with Your power. Give them the courage to step forward into the unknown and to trust You for the details. By Your power, grant them everything they need to get the job done. Bring them to their knees in praise as they see You work in and through them in amazing ways.”

* For those who are proud in spirit — “God, stagger them with Your power. Show them their frail state in contrast to Your endless might. Reveal to them their inadequacy, and then show them Your eternal strength and wisdom. Bring them to their knees in humility as they understand who You are.”

It’s a great prayer for me, too. “God, stagger me with Your power. Leave me awestruck as I gaze upon You and learn to know You more intimately. Remind me that You are Almighty God, able to do more than my imagination can comprehend. Bring me to my knees in humble adoration, and keep me there moment by moment. I love you.”

How about you? What’s your prayer?

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