Conntecting the Dots

Prayer and Fasting

I want to be like 84-year-old Anna! Luke 2:37 says she spent her days worshiping God in prayer and fasting. Her heart was obviously sensitive to spiritual matters, for when the infant Messiah came to the Temple, she immediately recognized Him as the promised Savior.

Oh, that my heart would be so spiritually in tune with the Lord. I long to be a woman who hears His Spirit’s whispers, and feels His gentle nudges. I want to maintain an attitude of worship throughout my day so I’m aware of His presence and power at all times.

Becoming that kind of woman doesn’t happen overnight, nor does it come from being heavily involved in public ministry. Rather, it comes from private time with the Lord. It comes from being intentional, as Anna was, with my prayer life and other spiritual disciplines such as fasting. Yes, if I want to be a woman like Anna, it won’t come automatically. It takes effort, but the payback is worth it!

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