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God Controls Every Detail

Journal Entry for Thursday, March 19 (cont.)

 Today is my eldest daughter’s 24th birthday. I remember all my kids’ actual birth days with clarity, and I treasure those memories. But this one held huge significance because her arrival changed the direction of our lives. We were living in Nepal and planned on being career missionaries there, but our plans changed because she was born with hydrocephalus and needed immediate and ongoing medical care in North America.

 God was obviously in control of every detail. And that experience was probably the greatest faith-building event of my life to date. Whenever the future seems uncertain (like it does in today’s economy, for example), I recall God’s faithfulness back then, and I find courage. Fear takes a back seat when I remember how He provided flights, friends, and finances to get us back to the States and settled amidst reverse culture shock and having a child in critical condition. Indeed He was good then, and He’s the same today.

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  1. Tracey Gebert

    I am glad I remembered where your blog had moved to ( I miss connecting the dots but this is stunning, really )

    This post was timely to where I find myself today and a wonderful reminder from the Lord for me on so many levels.

    The birth of our children; the reminder of the miracle each birth is – healthy or challenging – and just how God’s hand is in every teeny tiny and HUGE step of it all, orchestrating His plan.

    I am so glad God is in control, forever faithful and the keeper of His promises – now if I would stop trying to take the wheel some days!


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