Conntecting the Dots

Journal Entry for Sunday, March 22

While I was away for the weekend, Gene stayed busy in Warsaw. He visited with one of our IM fellows, attended his men’s small group, preached in a church service, and bought our train tickets. The latter took the longest. Four hours, to be exact. Four hours!

Can you imagine standing in line at a train station ticket window for that long? Apparently the complications come when you travel from one country to another. In other words, if our travels were to keep us in Poland, there would have been no big deal. But we’re traveling into Slovakia and Hungary, and each country has its own rail system.

On Sunday morning, Gene decided to double-check the tickets, just to make sure all was done correctly.

To his chagrin, he had seat reservations for two but only one ticket for actually boarding the train. And so, back to the train station he went. This time, he was helped by a female worker who had witnessed the entire four-hour scene on Saturday. She fixed the problem in less than 10 minutes. Gene said, “Wow – this was a lot faster than yesterday.” The woman rolled her eyes, half-smiled, half-frowned, and said in English, “Yes, my friend is an idiot.”

We’re not sure that she meant what she said. But her response was enough to tickle the funny bone.

The women’s retreat in Hungary is next weekend. So far, my IM contact who helped organize the event had to return to the States suddenly two days ago because her elderly mother had a severe stroke. Barb, my IM friend, hopes to return to Hungary in time for the conference, bless her soul. And now, I just learned that my translator’s father is in hospital for a serious infection and surgery. God must be up to something big for this women’s conference! Pray with me for these two women and their families, and for God to accomplish His good purposes. The registration now stands at 191, not including the five-member committee!

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