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The Disciples' Fishless Fishing Trip

For several weeks, the story of the disciples’ fishless fishing trip has been running through my mind. It’s the one in which they spent all night working on the water but came home empty-handed. Then Jesus showed up and told them to do it again – in water deeper than before. This request must have seemed ridiculous to the disciples, but they obeyed: “Okay, Jesus, whatever You say.” And off they went. Imagine their shock when the catch nearly burst their nets and threatened to sink their boat!

A few days ago, I picked up one of my old journals and began reading the entries. Suddenly I came across an entry that outlined this story, and I’d written several questions that it raised then – more than a year ago. Do we sometimes attempt ministry based on strategies already known to us? Techniques that feel comfortable? Plans that have proven effective in the past, but now fail to yield results? How does Jesus view these strategies? How would He do things differently? What’s the secret to an abundant harvest?

On the weekend, during my regular devotional reading, I came across the same story. It’s found in Luke 5:4-11. Okay then. This is the third time the Holy Spirit has placed this account before me. Beyond a doubt, He’s trying to tell me something. I believe it has everything to do with my writing/speaking ministry as well as our ministry with International Messengers. An abundant harvest awaits, and I’m convinced it will not happen via normal methods or manmade strategies. How, then, will it take place? I’m beyond curious at this point.

How about you? Are you trying to accomplish a God-given assignment using manmade strategies? That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with those techniques. But perhaps God has another approach, one that will yield results beyond imagination. It likely won’t make sense, but He’ll do amazing things if you only say yes.

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  1. Sally

    Hi! I’m doing a project for college on ‘the resurrection fact or fiction’. I need some evidence for and against the resurrection. I’m a Christian but I’m not to good at this kind of thing! Could you maybe give me some points?

    • Grace

      Sally, I’ve tried sending you an answer three times privately via your email but it bounces back as undeliverable. So, I’ll try responding to you this way. An excellent resource for learning more about the proofs for Christ’s resurrection is the book “The Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel. Josh McDowell also has written a book for young adults about proof for His resurrection. Check them out! Blessings on your research….


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