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Journal Entry for Wednesday, March 25

This was a quiet day in a guesthouse down the street from our IM missionaries, Brad and Karla Thiessen. Gene did our taxes, and I enjoyed some unrushed time in the Word and in preparing my talk for the women’s session at our upcoming spring conference.

I also got to do our laundry using a washing machine – yahoooo! I’m not being sarcastic here, honest.

While traveling across Eastern Europe, we often wash our clothes in a sink, wring them out, and hang them to dry on a rack or on a window sill – whatever’s available. It’s a real treat to load laundry in a machine, add soap, and push the “start” button.

Who needs an electric dryer, anyway?

Who needs an electric dryer, anyway?

Most homes don’t have electric dryers, probably due to the expense of buying one and then paying the subsequent electricity bills. Because this is the case in the guesthouse, I draped socks, underwear, T-shirts, and blue jeans over wall-mounted heaters and a towel warmer. Presto! Even the jeans dried in a few hours.

At 6 o’clock a women’s meeting began at a large evangelical church, and I was the guest speaker. Karla had arranged the meeting, but she had no idea how many ladies might show up because this was the first-ever of this type of event in this church. We were delighted when about 50 women arrived.

I spoke to them from Philippians 4:6,7, and walked them through the directives for facing the future with confidence. Later, several individuals came to me with questions or concerns, and I was able to pray with them. What a joy! These women are so precious!

A new IM team member arrived from the States today. Her name is Anna, and she’s here to study historical architecture (that’s her speciality) with the hope of developing a program that will provide Roma (gyspy) men with the skills necessary to renovate/restore historical buildings. The unemployment rate among these men runs at about 98% and the poverty level is almost unimaginable, so a program of this nature would help provide jobs for those who want to work.

After the women’s meeting ended, Karla took Anna, myself, Kristin (another IM team member), and my evening’s translator, Milka, out for pizza. 

Girls' night out in Kosice

Girls' night out in Kosice

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