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Fear is a Big Deal, but God is Bigger

Fear is a big deal to most people. That’s nothing new. It was a problem for the Israelites, too. Deuteronomy 7 tells the story of how God commanded the Israelites to conquer seven nations that outpowered them. Perhaps the very thought struck fear into their hearts, and they wondered how in the world they could ever go to battle against these nations and win (v. 17).

Moses gave them some good advice: “Do not be afraid of those nations, for the Lord your God is among you, and he is a great and awesome God. The Lord your God will drive those nations out ahead of you little by little…the Lord your God will hand them over to you” (v. 21-23). Then he told them to remember the great things God had done for them in the past (vv. 18,19).

When we feel afraid, we ought to remember that our God is great and awesome. He’s more than capable of driving out the enemies we face. He’s been faithful in the past, and He’ll be faithful in the present. We find courage when we focus on who He is rather than on whatever is frightening us.

What enemies are you facing today? Doubt, perhaps? Fear of an unknown future? Fear of financial insecurity? Marriage problems? Poor health? Whatever it is, God is bigger. No enemy can overpower you when God is on your side, my friend.

3 Responses to “Fear is a Big Deal, but God is Bigger”

  1. Tracey Gebert

    Amen! God IS bigger!
    I think you write these JUST for me some days Grace!
    Bless you for being so obedient in sharing what He has put on your heart to share!
    I for one am so thankful – SO thankful!

  2. Ned Reenders

    The dread of driving a motor vehicle is an horrible affliction – almost self-feeding. Athough the avoidance of driving a vehicle supplies the sufferer a feeling of basic safety, a positive sensation, if you will, which supports the phobia. Of course, the ultimate result is quite often seclusion from signficant human relationships – be realistic, we live in an downtown sprawl modern society and it usually takes some kind of vehicles to physically hook up. Thankfully, you will find therapies that will help people escape. Thanks very much for taking time to write you blog as this is a very important topic!

    • Grace

      Hello Ned. You’re right about the fear of driving causing problems with connecting with other people. Life can be very complicated for people struggling with fears of varoius kinds. Did you know that I wrote a book called “Moving From Fear to Freedom”? Many people have found it to be helpful.


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