Conntecting the Dots

Journal Entry for Thursday, March 26

I feel like I ate all day. Maybe that’s because I did. It all began with breakfast with an IM couple – Jeff and Andrea O’Connell. Until then, I didn’t realize that finding a restaurant open at 9 a.m. was unusual. Neither did I realize that finding a restaurant with a breakfast menu was also unusual.

Thankfully we managed, and we had a great time visiting over omelettes, fruit cocktail, jam-filled crepes, and cappuccinos.

Next stop: lunch. Karla took us to a modern mall with a food court. There we joined a young American woman who serves with Campus Crusade for Christ, and her family (also CCCers) who has been visiting her for the past week. We actually met this woman last August while in Slovakia – it was nice to see her again.

Next stop: coffee. Karla dropped me in an apartment parking lot where another IM staff woman – Laura Stein – picked me up. My imagination worked overtime as I thought about undercover operations from Communist days gone by. Ie: “Is that our contact approaching in the white van? Yes, that’s her. Quick! Get out and jump into her vehicle. She’ll take you to your next meeting place!” Off we went to yet another restaurant to sip cappuccinos and talk about our lives. I love, love, love connecting with our missionary women. What a special group!

Next stop: Laura’s discipleship group. I met with these gals last month, and it was a treat to spend time with them again. I spoke with them about facing our past with its shame, pain, grief, and disappointments, and then gave steps for moving forward. They were in no rush to leave when we finished. It’s obvious that they care deeply about each other’s well-being. I pray that God will use His Word to meet them at their deepest point of need.

Laura (in the blue shirt) and her discipleship group

Laura (in back, wearing the blue shirt) and her discipleship group

Final stop: dinner with Laura and her husband Bevan around 8:00 pm. Again, a special time of sharing and encouragement.

“Thank You, Lord, for the wonderful day of connecting with our missionary staff and for the opportunity to encourage others in their spiritual journey.”

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