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God's Strategy

Who can understand God’s ways? Who can comprehend His ways of doing things, of accomplishing His purposes? Not I. Neither could Gideon, but he obeyed divine instructions anyway.

Judges 7:1-8:17 tell a most amazing story of Gideon’s victory, achieved in a way that boggles the imagination. Based on smart human strategy, he’d gathered an army of 32,000 men in preparation for attacking the Midianites. And what did God tell him to do? Whittle ’em down!

Gideon obeyed. He told all who were frightened to go home. Only 10,000 remained. And what did God say then? “There are still too many!” If I’d been wearing Gideon’s sandals, my stomach might have turned into knots by that time. But Gideon did as God said, and his army dwindled to 300.

Man’s strategies would have said Gideon was out of his mind to think he could win the battle with so few warriors. But God had other plans. He wanted the situation to look impossible so the Israelites wouldn’t grow self-sufficient. He wanted them to know beyond any doubt that He was their strength, and they could fully rely on Him for the victory.

Over the past year, I’ve really been challenged to evaluate my way of doing things re: book marketing. Human strategy tells me that there are certain things I must do to be successful. While I agree with taking responsibility as I can, I am more and more convinced that I need to seek God’s face on every step along the way, asking Him for His direction. Are there strategies I’ve bought into simply because they make sense or because everyone else is doing them? It’s a fine line. But bottom line – I’d much rather do things as God says rather than as man dictates, even if it seems absurd.

How about you? Have you ever sensed God asking you to do something that seemed absurd compared to man’s logic?

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  1. gift giver

    This year I have been sensing that God has been asking me something absurd compared to man’s standards. He has been stretching me. Stretching me so much that my only choice is to rely on Him or give up on the plans that He has for me.
    As I am a person in debt, who has been trusting now God with tithing, He has blessed me with this giving ministry beyond my tithes. From my blessings. My blog at shows part of my purpose that the Lord is calling to me. It feels way out of my league from who I was, to whom God is molding me to be with so much prayer. April 1st has a great challenge for saving pennies for and dimes for “dimes for missions”. I am saving my dimes to support Grace’s and Jean’s organization. I need all the prayer I can get as I am just getting started and God has given me ideas which will take time. The long lost art of simple giving through hand crafts and frugal items.
    God bless all the work that you do for God’s Kingdom!!
    The gift giver

    • Grace

      Wow – you go, girl! God loves to stretch us beyond our abilities so we can know Him more intimately. My heart is touched that you want to support our ministry. (It’s all tax-deductible, friend.)


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