Conntecting the Dots


“What a coincidence!”

How many times have I heard those words? The older I grow, however, the more I’m convinced there’s no such thing as a mere coincidence. God truly orchestrates the details of our lives to work out His plan and purposes. Ruth’s story is a prime example. Check this out:

Ruth 1:22 – Ruth and Naomi head back to Bethlehem. And oh, by the way, they arrive at the beginning of barley season.

Ruth 2:1 – By the way, there’s a wealthy and influential man in Bethlehem named Boaz, and he just happens to be a relative of Naomi’s late husband.

Ruth 2:2,3 – Ruth, knowing she must provide for herself and her mother-in-law, decides to go into the fields to harvest grain. As it happens, the field she chooses belongs to Boaz.

Ruth 2:4 – Boaz happens to arrive from Bethlehem that day.

The rest of the story is history. The couple marry and later become the great-grandparents of King David who was in Christ’s lineage. Was God in control of the details of Ruth’s life? No doubt.

Is God the same today? Yes. Is He, then, in control of the details of our lives? Yes. Why, then, do we worry when things seem to go wrong? Why do we stress over difficulties? Why is fear such a big deal?

I think it’s because we’re human and have limited vision and perspective. What do you think? More on this tomorrow…

3 Responses to “Coincidences?”

  1. Tracey G

    It’s so easy to have 20/20 vision and wisdom when we are looking back after the fact.

    I wonder if Ruth knew without a doubt it was all being orchestrated – at the time – not just when she and Boaz were married?

    It’s a great reminder that whether we feel, see or even think that God is in control – He is!

    • Grace

      So true, Tracey. It is easy to have 20/20 vision when looking back. Not so easy when we’re in the midst of difficult circumstances. Whether we recognize it or not, God is in control — thank heaven!


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