Conntecting the Dots

Peace Be With You

I posted a day early because I’m heading out of town for speaking engagements and not sure whether or not I’ll have email access while I’m away. Blessings on you, my friend. Here’s the next devotional…

Huddling in a room behind locked doors, Jesus’ disciples reeled from the events they’d just experienced. They’d witnessed their beloved leader being crucified like a common criminal, and now they feared for their own lives. The atmosphere was sullen, the mood grim. But not for long!

Suddenly Jesus – the risen and victorious Son of God – stood among His disciples! His first words to them were, “Peace be with you.” As He spoke, He showed them the nail prints in His hands and the wound in His side. Then He spoke again: “Peace be with you.” (John 20:19,20)

Why did He speak these words to His followers? And why did He show His wounds to them at that moment? Perhaps it’s because He recognized their shock and sorrow at His death. He also knew their fear of the future. He wanted to reassure them, to comfort and soothe them at their deepest point of need rather than leave them in their distress. His words and His wounds – visual evidence of His deep love for them and of His power to overcome all things – served that purpose.   

Let’s remember this encounter between Jesus and His followers when we experience situations that leave us feeling lonely, abandoned, hopeless, or afraid. Jesus is the risen and victorious Son of God! We can know His peace when we remember who He is and that His presence is with us.

Can you recall a time when He met you at your deepest point of need? How did He do that?

“Thank You, Jesus, for being my peace no matter what life brings.”

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