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A Tuned-In Heart

I read a simple but profound verse this morning: “O LORD, do good to those who are good, whose hearts are in tune with you” (Psalm 125:4).

What does it look like when our hearts are in tune with God? Here are a few thoughts:

  • We’re not easily irritated when unexpected phone calls, emails, and visitors interrupt our to-do list. In fact, we view those “interruptions” as God fulfilling His intention for our time that day.
  • We view life’s tough stuff as opportunities to experience God’s strength in a deeper way.
  • We don’t panic when an unexpected expense hits us. Instead, our first response is to pray, thanking God that this was no surprise to Him and He’s able to provide.
  • We understand that our material possessions and bank account belong not to us, but to the Lord, and He can do with them as He pleases.
  • We value what God values – being people of integrity, caring for the orphan and widow, living so our actions match our words, and more.
  • We hunger for His Word and find pleasure in studying it.
  • We enjoy the fellowship of other believers.
  • We obey the Holy Spirit’s nudge to speak a particular word to someone at a certain time, to phone, to send a card or email.
  • We’re content to wait when He says, “Wait.”
  • We go when He says, “Go.”
  • We obey His directives with joy and anticipation.
  • We truly look forward to the day when Christ returns.
  • We’re quick to forgive when offended.
  • We’re sensitive to others and able to speak a good word in season.
  • We’re able to effectively communicate the message of life to someone who’s never heard or doesn’t understand the Gospel.

Wow – the list could go on and on! Can you think of other evidences that show our hearts are in tune with the Lord’s? Feel free to post them for others to read!

Based on the Psalmist’s prayer, I’m going to begin praying this for my friends and family – first, that their hearts will be in tune with God’s. Next, I’m going to ask God to be good to them. I’m eager to see how He’ll answer!

3 Responses to “A Tuned-In Heart”

  1. Tracey G

    I loved loved LOVED this Grace and I just wanted let you know.
    Thank you for being so faithful in your posts!

  2. Linda Rue

    I also loved this posting. I pray that when others see me, if known, they can always share and seek comfort and if unknown, they receive a smile from me that would convey my openiness in meeting them, maybe help, maybe offer a prayer. So many are in need of comfort and a kind word. Maybe just a smile.

    • Grace

      Thanks for your comments, Tracey and Linda. Yes, imagine the world if believers everywhere had hearts tuned-in to God’s gentle voice. I wonder how many times we miss His nudge because we’re consumed with a to-do list? Or we’re plagued with worry about something that will likely never happen? My prayer is that God will keep my heart tuned-in to His Spirit so I’ll go where He wants me to go, do what He wants me to do, and say what He wants me to say. Sounds like this is your prayer, too. Hugs!


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