Conntecting the Dots

July 2 — Timisoara

Yesterday the temperatures soared to 32 degrees Celsius. That’s mid-90s Farenheit. We’re very fortunate that our van had air-conditioning for 6-hour ride to Timisoara.

Funny how jet-lag hits mid-afternoon. I think nearly everyone took a nap enroute. My daughter Kim put her head on my shoulder and slept for about an hour; I must have slept, too, for suddenly I woke with my head on hers.

We went out for dinner with two of our four IM missionaries to talk about today’s agenda. Tresha, one of the wives, and her two wee children are home sick right now. They never get ill. Why now? Why am I not surprised?

Tresha’s husband, Andy, encouraged the team simply to love the teens to whom we’ll be ministering. And that’s exactly what we plan to do. Can’t wait to see these kids again – Gene and I have met most at the day center on two occasions already.

After dinner we walked in the city’s main square where the 1989 revolt began that resulted in the downfall of Communism in Romania. At the end of the square is a cathedral marked with memorials to the children who were shot and killed by army soldiers during that revolt. We sat on those steps where about a dozen children died only 20 years ago, for the sake of freedom. What a sobering moment.

Now it’s our turn to bless the children of Romania. Once camp begins tomorrow, we’ll be having two Bible lessons per day with a craft or activity to reinforce the message, crafts, sport activities, games, and boat rides. We brought marshmallows, Hershey bars, and graham crackers to teach them how to make s’mores. We have balloons, streamers, sparklers – to celebrate July 4 for the sake of our American team member, beads and hemp for necklaces, Mary Kay product for a spa afternoon for the girls, a rocket launcher built especially to blow off 2-litre pop bottles, and more. What a privilege to know and love these teens, all of whom have HIV/AIDS.

In the past 56 hours, I’ve had approximately 4 hours of sleep. Gotta do something about that right now! Good night, all.

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