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Craving for the Lord

When I was pregnant, I experienced cravings that nearly consumed me. I remember riding a bus in Nepal, winding around steep mountainsides, nearly choking on diesel fumes, and telling my husband, “I need a candy necklace. I’ve gotta have it or I’m gonna die.” Later my cravings turned to wonton soup, potato chips, pizza, soup of any flavor, and raw cauliflower. It’s difficult to describe the depth of my desire for these foods. Let’s just say it was “beyond normal.”

The Psalmist experienced a craving, too – a spiritual one. In Psalm 130:6, he said, “I long for the Lord more than sentries long for the dawn.” He’s saying that he craved the Lord more than the weary night watchman craved the early morning light that signaled the end of their shift and beckoned them to their beds. Perhaps he’s even implying that his longing for the Lord surpassed his desire for physical rest.

How might we measure our longing for the Lord? How might we describe it? Fill in the blank: “I long for the Lord more than _____________________________.”

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  1. Daniel Berman

    Been thinking about you guys. I started into your fear book, Gene really needs to write a companion book from a guys perspective, but what I have read so far has been helpful in reminding me about life perspective.


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