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9/11 Thoughts

I was fixing breakfast for my family when my husband walked into the kitchen with an odd look on his face. “A radio announcer said that an airplane just slammed into one of the Twin Towers in New York,” he said. “I wonder how that happened.”

“What kind of plane?” I asked.

“I dunno – probably a little one,” he said, returning to our bedroom to listen to the radio show. He re-entered the kitchen minutes later, his face ashen.  “Something’s really wrong,” he said. “A second plane crashed, but it hit the other tower. These planes were passenger jets! These weren’t accidents! Something’s very wrong.” He dashed into the family room and turned on the TV. And that’s where we sat for the next five hours, watching in horror as the terror unfolded.

Eight years have passed since 9/11, and the world is forever changed. For one thing, security has tightened in airports worldwide and at border crossings, especially entering the United States – I could write a book about challenges we’ve faced in that regard! The States wants to ensure the safety of its citizens, and so it tries hard to keep the bad guys from sneaking in again.

As I think about the anniversary of 9/11, I want to pose a question: Where does the real danger to our nation/continent lie? Is it in the extremists who embrace a suicide mission as a guaranteed ticket to heaven and its perks? Or is it lurking somewhere else?

Psalm 55:10 says, “Its walls are patrolled day and night against invaders, but the real danger is wickedness within the city.” I have a hunch that the real danger we face lies within our own nation.

When we remove God from His rightful place and worship the created being instead…when we kill the unborn and the defenseless…when we condone lifestyles condemned by God…when we fail to care for the poor and helpless…when we allow greed to run rampant…when we excuse what God cannot excuse by saying, “Times are changing”…when we allow busyness to rule our lives and rob us of time for what matters most – then we face a very real danger. It’s called ‘spiritual bankruptcy.’

How can we protect our nation (s) against the danger of spiritual bankruptcy?

  • By keeping our personal relationship with God our first priority so our attitudes and actions honor Him.
  • By encouraging other believers in their spiritual journey.
  • By sharing our faith with unbelievers and praying for their salvation.
  • By discovering and using our spiritual gifts to strengthen the Church.
  • By educating ourselves about decisions our leaders are making and being a voice for truth in a respectful and appropriate manner.
  • By valuing our marriages and families.
  • By training our children in godliness.

The list could go on and on, I’m sure. Perhaps you have some suggestions you’d like to add – please feel free to do so. And let me know what you think – where does the real danger to our nation (s) lie?

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