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Three Promises

God’s Word is filled with amazing promises He’s made to those who follow Him. Psalm 57 contains three of them:

* God will fulfill His purpose for us (v. 2). Whatever His specific purpose for our lives is, He takes responsibility for ensuring that it happens. We only need to say yes to whatever He asks, and He looks after the rest.

 I’ve seen this happen over and over again, especially when my husband and I sensed Him asking us to launch International Messengers. For us, that meant moving to a new location, finding suitable housing within our price range, building our support team to help cover additional living and ministry costs, and starting a new ministry in Canada from the ground level. We saw Him keep His promise to fulfill His purpose for us as each detail fell into place. We only needed to say yes.

* He will send help from heaven to save us (v. 3). When we call on His name, He answers. It’s fun to recall various ways in which He does that. On one occasion for me, it came in the form of a little man in a Polish train station who appeared out of nowhere not once but twice, and helped me with heavy suitcases. And a train conductor who appeared suddenly and motioned for us to follow him to a different train car. He was politely persistent, so we did as he said even though we couldn’t understand a word he said. Seconds after we’d resettled in a different car, the train stopped, disconnected, and then headed in two different directions. If we’d stayed on the first car, we would have ended up in who-knows-where.

* He will send forth His unfailing love and faithfulness (v. 3). Without God’s love and faithfulness, we’d be unforgiven sinners without a shred of hope for now or eternity. How’s that for bleak? Thankfully that’s not our situation. We have every reason for hope, joy, and peace because of this promise.

These promises are true for you today, if you’re walking in right relationship with God through Jesus Christ. How have you seen them fulfilled in your own life?

5 Responses to “Three Promises”

  1. Joanna Mallory

    Thanks for this reminder, Grace. We need to notice God’s promises and notice how He keeps them.

    “God will fulfill His purpose for us … He takes responsibility for ensuring it happens”

    One of the ways I see this is in my blogging. It’s not a huge ministry or perhaps the main call God has for me, but He led me to start a weekly online devotional a year ago March, and not once has He failed to give me something to share. Sometimes it’s right down to the wire, but I’ve learned that all I need to do is come to Him and ask and He’ll fulfill this purpose in me.

    A bigger purpose He has for me is as a wife and mother. Thinking about these promises reminds me how important it is to trust Him in prayer for these roles.

  2. Grace

    His promises to those who love Him are nothing short of amazing. What promise is especially meaningful to you today?


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