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Dealing with Disappointment

I’ve had two days to ponder some disappointing news: Moving From Fear to Freedom will be remaindered by the publisher in January. That means it will no longer be available in stores. What happened? Sales didn’t meet a certain standard, just like a gazillion other books pulled from publication after two years in public view.

I know how I struggled over writing this book…the labor pains involved in bringing it to birth. Now I feel like a mother watching someone pull the plug on my baby because he didn’t think it deserved to live. Sounds melodramatic, perhaps, but that’s just how an author feels when this happens.

Couple that with feedback that readers send me:

  • “This book has changed my life. It’s helped me identify fears I didn’t even know I had, and set me free;”
  • “This is the only book I keep on my nightstand, beside my Bible. I refer to it constantly.”
  • “This book gave me the courage to step out and start a home business that I’ve been wanting to start for years.”
  • “Thank you for writing this book. Your honesty has helped me be honest, and as a result, I’ve been able to let go of stuff that’s held me back for years.”

In the past week, two local women have told me they’ll be studying it with their small groups this winter. Good things are happening. God is using it to change lives. But the sales aren’t good enough to keep it on the shelves. Go figure.

As I grappled with my disappointment, the Lord gave me these words: “You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in You, whose thoughts are fixed on you. Trust in the Lord always, for the Lord God is the eternal Rock” (Isaiah 26:3,4).

The key word for me is fixed. My thoughts are tempted to flit and flutter from here to there and everywhere – wondering why marketing efforts didn’t produce more, wondering what more I could have done,  yada, yada. But God says to super-glue my thoughts on Him and Him alone. He has a purpose. He promises to accomplish all that concerns me. He knows what He’s up to even though I don’t understand. And He tells me to trust Him.

It’s been a difficult two days, but it’s been a good learning time. I’m practicing all those things I encourage my readers and audiences to do when they face disappointment. And guess what? I’m beginning to experience peace about it, just like God promised.

How about you? Have you faced a situation in which you fixed your thoughts on God and then experienced His peace?

3 Responses to “Dealing with Disappointment”

  1. Evie

    Take heart! Despite publishers, books, stores or anything else of man’s importance, God inspired words will be placed into the hands and into the hearts of those who need it. Right now I’m reading another God inspired book, The King and His Kingdom by Peter Whyte and this book was published in 1979 and has passed through many hands (there were only ever 5000 copies printed). Words cannot express the impact that this Spirit filled book has had in my life with revelation, peace, and joy! I know God will continue His work through your book in generations to come!

  2. Pam Franklin

    Is there anything that would reverse that removal from the publisher’s list in January? Do we all need to go out and order lots? Let me know. I can think of so many people I’d like to encourage to read it. Just today I recommended it to my aunt I’ve just gotten back in touch with after years and years (long story) to help her and her family’s struggles. I don’t know what would help, but isn’t there something that could be done, Grace? I hope you are getting well rested after your busy summer! Pam Franklin

  3. Grace

    Thank you for your encouraging words, Evie and Pam. I have no doubt that (1) fear will not go away anytime soon, so the message about overcoming it needs to be continously taught.(2) God is ultimately in control of every detail surrounding this book, including who reads it and the decision to remainder it. (3) God can use Lazarus-type situations to glorify Himself and change lives. Lazarus was dead — ‘way dead — before Jesus showed up. God had a purpose in that situation, and He ultimately received glory and many came to Christ.

    Re: what can be done about the decision. Perhaps it would be reconsidered if there were a sudden major spike in numbers. Every bit helps. Please — tell anyone who would benefit about it and encourage them to buy it from their local Christian bookstore, Chapters, or Barnes and Noble. Post a review on Amazon or Suggest it as a study for book clubs or your women’s group. Ask your local public library to bring it in. We can do these practical things…and then rest in knowing that God is in control of the outcome.

    Thank you for asking!


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