Conntecting the Dots

God’s Reputation

According to Isaiah 63:14, God earned quite the reputation when He led His people through the desert wilderness for 40 years. He provided them with food and water, clothing and sandals that never wore out, and a place to sleep each night. Then He threw in a few extras like sending flames and clouds to guide them, and oh yeah, parting the Red Sea. Scripture says, “You led your people, LORD, and gained a magnificent reputation.”

I read that verse and this thought popped into mind: Does my life accurately reflect God’s magnificent reputation? Practically put, when others look at me, do they understand that God is trustworthy and able to provide for His children? Or do I cast doubt on His reputation by constantly worrying and fretting about finances?

Do I honor His reputation as a holy God by living a holy life? Or do I smear His reputation by engaging in inappropriate jokes and conversation, lingering on lustful thoughts, watching TV and literature that would not measure up to His standard?

Do I honor His reputation as a forgiving God by forgiving those who hurt me? Or do I cast a shadow on His forgiving nature by holding a grudge and wishing for revenge?

Do I reinforce His reputation as a generous God by giving generously to others? Or do I cause others to doubt His generosity by withholding from them for selfish reasons?

Do I honor His reputation as a God who can do the impossible by obeying Him when He nudges me to do what seems beyond human logic? Or do I, through fear and disobedience, cause others to think He’s limited in size and power?

God is more than able to defend His reputation to a watching world. But for some unknown reason, He wants His kids to bear some responsibility in that regard, too. Heaven help us if our attitudes and actions reflect anything negative about Him to those who don’t know Him personally or to those who are weak in their faith. May our goal be to bring glory to Him in all we say and do. May we live in such a way that others see Him as truly magnificent.

What aspect of God’s reputation do you find challenging to uphold?

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