Conntecting the Dots

God’s ways are soooo not our natural ways. Just look at the contrast…

God: be content                           Self: strive for more

God: forgive                                  Self: get even

God: wait                                        Self: get it now

God: give up your  rights         Self: demand them

God: surrender                             Self: resist

The latter example popped off the page at me this morning as I read Jeremiah 38:19. King Hezekiah had asked Jeremiah to tell him what the future held for his city. When Jeremiah gave him the news – “surrender to the Babylonians and all will be well with you” – the king adamantly refused. What was his reply? “But I’m afraid to surrender” (38:19).

How classic is that? How many times have I felt God’s nudge to give or forgive or get involved in some way. Rather than obeying Him, I’ve cringed and rationalized and made excuses. Why? Bottom line – fear.

I’m afraid to surrender completely to God. I’m afraid of the what-ifs – What if He asks more of me than I want to give? What if things don’t turn out the way I wish? What if life takes an unwanted detour? And so I stand before the all-knowing, all-powerful, all-loving God and say, “Surrender to You? I don’t think so – that’s too scary. I’ll do life my way instead.”

My heart breaks at the thought of how I’ve affronted this One who sent His Son to die on my behalf. Each time I’ve refused to surrender to His commands, I’ve declared myself wiser than He. My attitude and actions have proven once again that my knowledge of Him lacks depth and intimacy.

Can you relate? Have you refused to obey God’s nudges? If so, ask Him to examine your heart and show you if fear is holding you captive. Then ask Him for the strength and courage to defy that fear and to place your trust in Him completely.

Let’s choose today to say yes to God. May the words I’m afraid to surrender not cross our lips.

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  1. Melinda Ratzlaff

    Thank you for challenging me to live outside my box. (Stillwood Ladies Retreat). Today’s blog is encouraging me to continue with the “God nudges” placed on my heart these last weeks and days, even when negative comments come my way as well as living in a detour the last 10 months (mom moved to carehome via hospital stay, cleaning and selling large house). Life has a very different perspective for me now. Even during these tough times I want to be obedient and say “yes” to God.


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