Conntecting the Dots

Totally Committed to What?

Here’s a question for you: To what are you totally committed? Take a moment before answering; it’s an interesting exercise if you’ve never pondered this. Some women might say things such as…

  • I’m totally committed to helping my kids get through college debt-free.
  • I’m totally committed to losing 20 pounds before my next high school reunion
  • I’m totally committed to keeping my marriage intact.
  • I’m totally committed to helping my children learn how to say no to peer pressure.
  • I’m totally committed to upgrading my education so I can put some money towards retirement.
  • I’m totally committed to limiting my spending this Christmas season.

The list goes on and on, as varied as the women who read this blog. But there’s one answer I hope would rise to the top. It’s found in Titus 2:14 which says, “He (Jesus Christ) gave his life to free us from every kind of sin, to cleanse us, and to make us his very own people, totally committed to doing what is right.”

Regardless of our age, race, circumstances, or financial status, if we’re Christ’s followers, then we ought to commit totally to doing what’s right according to His Word. For instance, practicing self-control even when our kids act like a bunch of wild hyenas. We restrain ourselves when we feel like buying something we don’t need, especially if doing so means increasing our consumer debt. We refuse to gossip about the neighbor even though we know a juicy little tidbit about her. We return extra change when the grocery clerk makes a mistake. We turn off the TV when an inappropriate show comes on. We fulfill our commitments even though doing so means being inconvenienced. We say yes to God when He asks us to serve in a way that stretches us beyond our comfort zone. And on and on and on.

Can you imagine the difference in the world if every individual totally committed to doing what was right according to God’s Word? There’d be no need for divorce courts or child protective services or conflict mediators. Wars would be non-existent. Corrupt governments would cease. Honesty and humility would prevail. Even pollution wouldn’t be an issue because everyone would do what’s right in caring for the environment. The impact would span the globe and affect every area of life on earth.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. Nevertheless, we can make a difference where we live by following Paul’s instructions and totally committing to doing what’s right. Will you join me in doing so?

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