Conntecting the Dots

A Good Forgetter

It happened again this morning. While sorting and filing papers, I suddenly thought of an item to be added to my shopping list. Write it down as soon as you finish your task, I told myself. Two minutes later, task complete, I walked downstairs to the kitchen where my shopping list is posted on the fridge door. By the time I arrived, I’d completely forgotten what I’d intended to write.

The older I get, the more efficient my forgetter works (too bad the same isn’t true for my eyes and ears!). The problem goes beyond my shopping list. To be honest, remembering names is a major challenge for me, especially because I meet so many people in my travels (at least I’m pretty good at recognizing faces, even from years back). Recalling Scripture verses from memory is also difficult. And how about phone numbers and birthdays? And what about passwords to the bank machine, my Facebook account, my blog, and the various loops of which I’m a part? It’s downright embarrassing when the ol’ brain slips a cog in the middle of a conversation and I can’t remember where I was headed or the point I was trying to make.

You know what I find encouraging? Even God has a good forgetter. Hebrews 10:17 says, “I (God) will never again remember their sins and lawless deeds.” When I confess my sin to Him, He forgives me and then promptly forgets what I told Him. How amazing is that? I find comfort in knowing that once He’s forgiven me, He doesn’t recall the things I’ve done from stupidity. He doesn’t remember unkind words I’ve spoken. He forgets the critical thoughts I’ve entertained and the bad decisions I’ve made. His memory is wiped clean, and so is my heart.

Now…if only my forgetter would work as efficiently as His when it comes to forgetting the unkind words or deeds directed my way by others. Hmmm…looks like I have a way to go in that department.

How about you? How well does your forgetter work? What things do you wish it would forget more easily?

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