Conntecting the Dots

Who’s Helping Me?

I’ll admit it – I can’t do life on my own. That reality struck home this afternoon while I was trying to book airline tickets online. I’ve done it dozens of times before, but nothing came easy today. The problem revolved around the credit card SecureCode. When the site rejected my first entry, I tried a different code. When it rejected that one, too, I tried a third. Apparently SecureCode plays by baseball rules, because the system threw me out when my third attempt failed.

And so I phoned the help centre where a polite gentleman verified my identity and released my SecureCode. “Now go to such-and-such a site and re-enter your old code,” he said. Yeah, right. It sounded so simple. With my blood pressure soaring dangerously high, I finally gave up and hollered for help. My hubby, bless his heart, put his work on hold and came to my rescue.

I like to think I’m strong and independent, but in reality, I’m not. I can’t balance a check book. I can’t change a tire. I can’t tell north from south, and I can’t figure out how to use the TV remote control. Heaven forbid my computer goofs up without someone with techno savvy around to help. And then there’s the big stuff, like staying alive. I can’t even take my next breath without God giving the go-ahead!

Believe me, I’m a weak woman. But thank goodness, my Creator knows it and never leaves my side. “My help comes from the Lord, who made the heavens and the earth!” says Psalm 121:2. Where would I be without Him, this One who’s all-powerful and all-wise? Where would I be if left on my own to figure out life and relationships and the path I should take? That’s an easy answer – I’d be in a heap of trouble, that’s where.

I recently saw a video by Lou Giglio, called “How Great is Our God.” In it, Giglio speaks of various stars in the universe, focusing on their enormity compared to a human being on earth. His point is to show us that God is even bigger, and He’s the one who helps us! Talk about inspiring! That thought humbles and encourage me beyond words. Here’s the link for the first 7 minutes. Google Lou’s name for more links and take a few minutes to watch these clips. I know you’ll be encouraged.

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