Conntecting the Dots

Remembering Your Journey

Where has life’s journey taken you? Undoubtedly your path has led to a few mountaintops and through a few valleys. In some cases, it’s probably taken an unexpected detour or two – some delightful, others not. If you’re a follower of Jesus Christ, can you identify places along your journey where God has proven Himself faithful?

Personally, I can recall several such incidents. The most unforgettable was when our second child was born in Nepal and instantly diagnosed with hydrocephalus (too much water on the brain). We’d had a personnel interview with a career mission agency only one week prior because we hoped to devote the rest of our lives to the Nepalese people, but our daughter’s medical condition necessitated an immediate return to North America. Talk about a detour! And yet, in that very scary time, God proved Himself faithful.

He provided our little family with a place to housesit, gave my husband a good job, led us to a warm and loving church family, and paid for our child’s medical expenses through the Washington State Crippled Children’s Services. Was life easy along this detour? Not at all. But God was with us.

Another example was when I sensed God telling me to write. I remember going for a long walk every day and praying as I went. I’d say, “God, I desperately want to be a wise steward of my time, my energy, my talents, and my money. Please make Your will clear to me so I don’t waste them chasing after a silly whim of my own.” He answered.

First, He directed me to attend the Florida Christian Writers Conference, bringing impossible circumstances together to remove any doubt that this prompting was from Him. That’s where I learned how to write magazine articles. Several months (and many more walks and prayers later), He spoke to me in an audible voice, giving me the name of a woman to interview. I obeyed. One door after another began to open, and I walked through them (albeit sometimes with knocking knees). Each step of the way, God proved Himself faithful. Has it been an easy walk? Not at all. But God has been with me.

The New Year is only two weeks away. I don’t know what it holds. If it’s anything like the last two years, I may be in for a wild ride. Frankly, there are some aspects of my journey I’d rather not repeat, like watching elderly parents suffer and die (or worse yet, being overseas when they pass away). Or wondering how to pay next month’s bills, let alone the big expenses that come with owning an older home. Or struggling with the tension of wanting to write another book but not having the time to do it due to other ministry responsibilities. Or dealing with the disappointments that come with pouring one’s heart into ministry and not seeing results hoped for.

Yup, 2010 is a big unknown. At the same time, I know God will be faithful no matter what it holds. Micah 6:5 says, “…Remember your journey from Acacia to Gilgal, when I, the Lord, did everything I could to teach you about my faithfulness.” I plan to heed this advice; I’ll remember the journey in years past, and I’ll recall God’s faithfulness. And that’s where I’ll find joy and courage and strength for the days ahead.

How have you seen God’s faithfulness along your journey, my friend?

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