Conntecting the Dots

My Forgetfulness…and God's Faithfulness

Forgive me for not blogging on Friday. I could say it was because H1N1 flattened me, or that aliens abducted me, or that my computer crashed…but I’d be lying. Nothing so dramatic or traumatic happened. Believe it or not, I simply forgot.

What happened? I think the explanation is an easy one. It’s a combo between failing to write down my to-do list on Friday and getting caught in the rush of this busy season. From early-morning business conference calls to delivering Christmas hampers to having our small group’s Christmas dinner get-together, the day buzzed by in a blur and my blog simply didn’t happen. Oh well…maybe your day was busy, too, and you didn’t even miss it! If you did, however, accept my apology. I’m grateful for your understanding.

And now, for today’s thought….

Sometimes we walk through circumstances that leave us wondering whether God is still with us or has left us high and dry. Perhaps the Israelites felt the same way when they were building bricks for the Egyptians, or when they faced the Red Sea knowing the enemies were closing in behind them, or when they wandered through the wilderness for four decades. Nothing was further from the truth, however, for God was with them every step along their journey. How do we know for sure?

Read Psalm 136:11 – “He brought Israel out of Egypt.” And verse 13 – “Give thanks to him who parted the Red Sea.” And verse 16 – “Give thanks to him who led his people through the wilderness.” In each of these three difficult scenarios, God was with His people. And the same holds true today.

Just as He led the Israelites out of their captive state, so He leads us from those things that imprison us – addictions, unforgiveness, misplaced priorities unhealthy desires — and brings us to a place of freedom.

Just as He led His people through the Red Sea, so He leads us through seemingly impossible circumstances – financial setbacks or the need for finances for such things as ministry trips, marriage breakups, painful relationships with extended family members, and surviving the loss of a loved one.

Just as He led His people through the wilderness for 40 years, so He leads us through our wilderness wanderings – times when life just doesn’t make sense, periods when we doubt His sovereignty or faithfulness, and seasons when we can’t seem to discern His will for a specific matter.

No matter where we are spiritually and emotionally – in Egypt, facing the Red Sea, or wandering in the desert – we are not alone. God leads us along. And as the theme of Psalm 136 says, “His faithful love endures forever.”

Do you have that assurance? How has God led you from captivity, through a Red Sea experience, or through a wilderness wandering?

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