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A Baby Changes Everything

A local Christian radio station has played Christmas carols, old and new, for the past month. One song in particular has caught my attention. I can’t remember all the words, but one line says, “A baby changes everything.”

I remember becoming a mother for the first time and discovering the truth of those words firsthand. Suddenly my days and nights were no longer my own. Sleep seemed a thing of the past. Spontaneous activities were a bygone, too. My life now rotated around the baby’s needs and schedule. Two more children joined our family, and the dynamics in our home changed with each one’s arrival. The gigantic impact little people have is amazing.

Mary, too, discovered that a baby changes everything. In her case, her marriage was nearly called off. Her reputation as a good girl was smeared. Her relationship with her parents and neighbors was no doubt altered. Yes, a baby changed everything for this precious teenage girl.

It’s so true — a baby changes everything. You don’t have to be a mother to experience this for yourself, especially when that baby is Jesus. Today celebrates His birth. And why did He leave His home in heaven to come to earth more than 2,000 years ago? To change everything for us.

No matter who we are or where we’ve come from, Jesus gives hope in exchange for fear. He gives us joy in exchange for disappointment and grief. He gives strength in exchange for weariness. He gives forgiveness in exchange for the burden of sin we carry. He gives us purpose and meaning, life abundant now and for eternity.  Where would we be today if He had not been born?

Today is a day to celebrate the baby Jesus! I wish you a meaningful Christmas, my friend. Enjoy yourself and create warm and fuzzy memories. 

Whisper a prayer for me on the 26th, if you would, please. My husband and I will be flying from Seattle to Chicago and on to St. Louis, Missouri to represent International Messengers at Urbana ’09 – a huge missions conference sponsored by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Pray for safe travels, unhindered by winter weather. And pray for lots of divine appointments during this conference. Thank you! My next blog will be from there — I’ll share my experience with you, okay?

I attended my first Urbana in 1979. I was 21 years old, wide open to the idea of missions, and exploring options for my life. Thirty years later, I have the privilege of doing it again. This time I sit in a different seat. Now I’m a missions rep, available and excited to speak with college age kids open to the idea of missions and exploring options for their lives. What an amazing journey.

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