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Amazing Encounters and Encouragement

I came to Urbana ’09 to represent International Messengers and to answer questions/encourage students who are exploring options for their future. During Monday morning’s worship service, however, I heard the leader say, “God has brought you here for a reason. What does He want to tell you or show you?” Hey – that’s right, I thought. I’m here to do my job as a mission co-director, but that’s not the only reason. God has something for me, too. What message does He want to give me?

Later that day, a woman named Beth stopped by our booth to speak with me. Her daughter had read Moving From Fear to Freedom, found it very helpful, and started following this blog. When she’d read about my trip to Urbana, she asked Beth to meet me here and to tell me that the book had helped her work through fear issues in her life. Wow – what an encouragement to me as an author and blogger. As we spoke, Beth called her daughter on her cell phone and then handed the phone to me. Another wow – what a treat to speak with this young woman whose life has been impacted by the words I’ve written in solitude.

While I love writing, I don’t find it an easy task. Penning a worthwhile article or book or even a blog takes much time and energy. It requires a willingness to be transparent and to risk rejection by readers who may not agree with what flows from my heart. It requires saying no to other activities that would be a whole lot easier. But I know that my mission is to write the message God puts within my heart, to communicate hope to those who are discouraged, truth to those who are choosing the wrong path, and light to those who have lost their way. I don’t know who my readers are, and I don’t know their deepest needs, but God does. It’s my job to obey – to write – and it’s His job to put my words into the hands of those who need to read them.

What message has God given me at Urbana ’09 (so far)? To continue writing, even though I cannot track the results. He’s using my skill to bring glory to Himself and I’m forever grateful.

What skill(s) has He given you? How can you use them for His glory?

3 Responses to “Amazing Encounters and Encouragement”

  1. Joanna Mallory

    What an encouragement, Grace! Our God knows just when and how to bless us so personally. And Moving from Fear to Freedom is a book I’m sure He has used to bless many people. I know it helped me. Keep on writing what He gives you!

  2. Jo Vandermey

    God has given you a great gift. It is so hard to expose your self in written form or to reach out to others to tell them of your journey. I really enjoyed meeting with you on our brief encounter a few years ago
    with Livingbooks, dinner and a ride from Burlington to New Dundee. Since then I have been reading your blog and newsletters. You have been such a encouragement to me. Your and Gene’s face smile at my family from our bullitin board where it reminds me to pray for you and your ministry. It is in my plan to actually get to go on one of your summer trips after some commitments hear.
    All I can say is keep on “exposing” yourself (in the good way of course- lol) God is using you in ways that you never may know. After all we are just told to be seed planters.
    Know that you are being prayed for !


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