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Thoughts About Haiti

I’m taking a break from the devotionals to share my thoughts about Haiti. I’ll see you back here on Monday!

The photo images coming from Haiti’s disaster are disturbing indeed…

Children with bloodied and swollen faces, their eyes glazed and void. A dust-covered mother sitting alone amidst the chaos, cradling her infant and weeping for a life cut short. Men digging with bare hands through tons of broken concrete, hoping to rescue survivors trapped in the rubble beneath them. Sniffer dogs seeking scents in the rubble. Corpses stockpiled and rotting in the streets.  

I watch the news, and my heart breaks for the helpless. For this country crushed by corruption, and this people paralyzed by poverty. For the parents who still haven’t found their children, and for orphans who have suffered too much already. For the families of peacekeepers, aid workers, and missionaries anxiously waiting for word as they watch the 72-hour window close. For those buried alive, gasping for breath and crying for help as their lives slowly ebb.

I sit in the safety and comfort of my home, sip a cup of coffee, and watch the catastrophe unfold on my TV. The images disturb me, but I find myself distracted by the fact that our basement flooded for the third time during this week’s heavy rain. And the fact that my youngest daughter is in Central America and I don’t have phone or email contact with her. And the fact that my husband and I are succumbing to sniffles and sore throats.

My life is so vastly different from the world’s millions, nay, billions who only wish that they had a flooded basement. Or that their children were alive and had the resources to travel. Or that the common cold was their biggest health issue. And because it is so different, it’s difficult to comprehend the anguish portrayed onscreen. It’s also difficult to know how to respond because the problem seems too big to fix.

So, what can we do?

  • We can donate funds to reputable organizations such as World Vision, Power to Change, and Red Cross. There are many others out there with the ability to translate dollars into practical assistance. The Canadian government has promised to match up to $50 million dollars, so let’s make our money work.
  • We can pray for the survivors – that more will be found. That their wounds will not become infected. That their broken bones will not set in a way that will cause lifelong deformities. And that God will mercifully heal them psychologically from the trauma they’ve experienced. The list of their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs is endless.
  • We can pray for the safety and health of rescue workers, especially as the potential for disease spreads and the threat of public anger rises.
  • We can pray for aid to arrive quickly and without hindrances.
  • We can pray that this disaster will be a catalyst of spiritual life for this broken nation.

“God, guard our hearts from complacency or thinking there’s nothing we can do because we live so far away. Move us with compassion…open our eyes to the things unseen…break our hearts over what breaks Yours. And teach us how to respond in a way that’s both helpful to others and pleasing to You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

What are your thoughts on what’s happening? Has your life been personally impacted by thus tragedy? If so, how?

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