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World-Changing Women

Hey, what’s the deal? I set this devotional to go out early this morning, and just discovered that it’s still sitting in the box. Sorry to anyone who looked for it earlier today. Anyhow….here it is.

What qualities characterize a world-changing woman? If I did a survey, the answers might include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • The ability to love others unconditionally and encourage them to develop their full potential.
  • The ability to discern right from wrong.
  • A servant’s heart.
  • Wisdom.
  • Prayer.
  • The ability to see obstacles as opportunities.

I’ve pondered this question in preparation for speaking at a retreat later this year, and I believe I’ve found another answer in Exodus 1. This passage tells the story of the Jews’ population growing in Egypt. The king grew anxious, afraid that the Israelites would soon overpower his nation. And so, he issued an evil order to two Hebrew midwives in particular: “Kill all the Jewish baby boys as soon as they are born. Allow only the baby girls to live” (v. 16).

How did the women respond? Not according to the king’s wishes, that’s for sure. “Because the midwives feared God, they refused to obey the king and allowed the boys to live, too” (v. 17).

In my opinion, the courage of these midwives – based on their love and respect for God – clearly marks them as world-changing women. Their honor for Him outweighed their fear of the king, and their actions proved it. As a result, they were willing to risk their lives to please Him rather than bow to an evil man’s edict.

How might I have responded in the same situation? If an evil king was pressuring me to do his dirty work, would I have said no, or would I have caved in and agreed? I can only hope that I’d display the same bravery as they did. I can only hope that I, too, would hold fast to what is true and right regardless of the cost.

May that be true of all of us today. When we face situations where we’re forced to choose between God and man, may we fear God more. May we be willing to sacrifice everything for His cause. And may we be counted among those who are truly world-changers.

What quality do you think a world-changing woman possesses?

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