Conntecting the Dots

The Key to Moving From Fear to Freedom

This week I have opportunity to do three radio interviews based on Moving From Fear to Freedom. This morning’s interview was with out of Florida. Had a great time chatting with the host and encouraging listeners to focus on God’s promises and character rather than on circumstances.

Truth be told, I don’t think it’s possible to live life completely free of fear. In the midst of unknowns, however, we can learn how to deal with fear so it doesn’t consume us and hinder us from fulfilling God’s purposes for our lives. And hey – we can even experience joy in the midst of our fearful situations. Here’s proof:

Two women named Mary went to see Jesus’ tomb on the third day following his crucifixion. To their shock, the tomb was empty and an angel sat on the boulder that had sealed its entrance (Matthew 28). “Don’t be afraid!” said the angel. “I know you’re looking for the crucified Jesus. But he’s not here because he’s been raised from the dead.” Then he invited them to see the empty place where the body had been laid. Note this…

“The women ran quickly from the tomb. They were very frightened but also filled with great joy, and they rushed to find the disciples to give them the angel’s message” (v. 8).

What enabled these women to experience joy in the midst of their fear? The essence of the angel’s message: Jesus had been raised from the dead!

This, I believe, is the key to moving from fear to freedom and even experiencing joy in the process. Jesus’ resurrection means He’s the victor over sin and death once for all. It means the enemy of our souls is defeated. His resurrection doesn’t guarantee life without problems, but it means He’s there to give us the answers we need and to walk with us through those problems. So, yes, we’ll encounter fear along our journey. But yes, we can experience joy in the midst because Jesus was raised from the dead!

What does this truth mean to your life today?

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