Conntecting the Dots

Laughter and Language Mix-ups in Poland


We took  Czarek and Ewa out for lunch on Sunday. They chose a pizza restaurant — a different one than Gene and I visited the other day. The menu listed about 25 types of pizza, and we could read none of them. Czarek translated, telling us what the ingredients were. One had salami, cheese, and honey. The next was cooked with pineapple, onions, and honey. Then came one with peppers, tomatoes, chicken and again, honey. As Czarek read the list, honey came up time and time again.

In all honesty, the thought of honey-glazed pizza simply did not appeal to me. Oh well, I thought. When in Poland, do as the Polish do. Smile and call it a new adventure.

Suddenly Czarek paused and looked puzzled. He pointed at the menu, slapped his forehead and exclaimed, “Oh no! That word not mean honey…it mean ham!” We enjoyed a good laugh, and the pizza, by the way, was fantastic.


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  1. Sherry Loewen

    Hmmm…’Lost in Translation’ comes to mind…just the phrase, not the movie. 🙂
    Good story! Great for a memory, too. 🙂


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