Conntecting the Dots

Photos from Ukraine

Gene and I traveled to Ukraine in 2010 to visit our staff and teach marriage workshops. Here are a few photos I took while there.

Orthodox monastery in Odessa

Remnants from WWII

Military submarine on display

“Hello…anyone down there?”

Orthodox church near Odessa

Mosaic of Jesus at entrance to Orthodox Church

Odessa street vendor

Odessa opera house

This fish’s gills were still moving. Now that’s fresh!

Street vendors

Open market vendors

Orthodox Church

Grace and two friends on monastery grounds. We had to cover our heads and legs with scarves before entering.

Grace with members of the Odessa university’s English-learning club

Couples write their names on padlocks and fasten them to this bridge to testify of their love for one another

Downtown Odessa

Odessa port

Typical apartment

Open meat market in Odessa. Note the fuzzy bunny feet — they help to identify the product!

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