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Poland's Tragedy

We were celebrating a niece’s wedding in Seattle on Saturday when another guest mentioned the plane crash that killed the Polish president and nearly 100 others earlier that day. The news shocked and saddened us. We’ve visited that country for ministry purposes seven times in the past two years and are planning to return in July to host an evangelistic family camp, so we feel a keen connection to Poland and its grief.

We’ve truly grown to love the Polish people.

a Polish street scene Auschwitz death camp -- a painful part of Poland's history

It’s hard to comprehend the impact of this tragedy on a nation that’s already experienced so much pain in its history. My prayer is that God will comfort those who mourn, and that He will place the people of His choice in leadership.

I had a devotional thought in mind for today, but I think I’ll leave it for Wednesday. I’d rather that today’s focus be placed on Poland’s spiritual and emotional needs. Please keep the people in your prayers as the Lord brings them to mind. And pray that God will send us at least four more volunteers for our summer’s evangelistic family camp (July 20-August 3). This tragedy reminds us of life’s uncertainty and the need to be prepared for eternity. Perhaps the enormity of this event will soften people’s hearts so they’ll be more open to the Gospel.

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  1. karelyn

    Hi Grace,
    Just wanted you to know, you folks came to mind right away when we heard of the plane crash tragedy. So glad God has prepared you with love for the people and given you that ministry with them. Yes, perhaps people’s hearts will be more receptive to the good news and your place in their lives is for such a time as this. Be blessed as you prepare to return to Poland.

    • Grace

      Thank you for your kind words. I have no doubt that God will somehow use this tragedy to accomplish good.


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